Sizing instructions

In this page we show examples of how our products are measured. Please take a fitting shirt you already own (t-shirt if buying a t-shirt, hoodie for hoodie etc.), and take comparable measurements to be sure that you purchase shirts that fit. All size guide tables show both inches and centimeters, use the one you are familiar with.

You will need a measurement device and a platform (bed, table, floor...).


Then you lay the shirt on the platform and measure length and width, like is done with this Unisex t-shirt. This shirt is size M, straight from the packing and is showing length of 72 cm and width of 52 cm. Table shows length of 74 cm and width of 51 cm. As you see, the measuring is not exact science and the results will vary 1-2 cm both sides very easily. 

T-shirt length

T-shirt width


Example 2 is a Unisex Zipper Hoodie of size M. Measurements were length of 74 cm and width 54 cm. Height from top seam to bottom, waist cuff straightened.



Example 3 is a Womens Racerback Tank Top of size M. The measures are taken from up-end seam to bottom, resulting 69 cm. Width 44 cm just below armpit openings. Just like the size guide table promised.